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2008 FDA Hearing

In 2008, the FDA held a public hearing to investigate the connection between Lasik, Depression, and Suicide. Two suicides were presented. The first was Colin Dorrian, a patent lawyer and aspiring medical school student. "If I cannot get my eyes fixed, I'm going to kill myself," he wrote in his suicide note. "I just cannot accept the fact that I'm supposed to live like this....I have other problems like most people do. But this is something else...As soon as my eyes went bad, I fell into a deeper depression than I had ever experienced, and I never really came out of it." The second suicide was Lawrence Campbell, a police officer and respected member of his community in Tennessee. In his suicide note, Officer Campbell writes "Tell the media!"

Below are videos of each speaker from the patient portion of the public forum. Each person has a story to tell. The speakers include several PhDs and MDs, and many talk about their own suicidal thoughts. Dr. Edward Boshnick, an optometrist in Miami, FL who has seen thousands of patients with refractive surgery disasters, also spoke about the psychological effects of so-called "side effects," dry eyes and visual aberrations.

Collin Dorrian, whose suicide was presented by his father, Gerry Dorrian, video below.

Matt Kotsovolos

Dr. Edward Boshnick

Beth Kotsovolos

Michael Mullery, MD

Terrilyn Bankes, MD

Diana Zuckerman, Ph.D.

Roger D. Davis, Ph.D.

Lauranell Burch, Ph.D.

Dean Kantis

Joseph Schnell

Rebecca Petris

Michael Patterson, PhD

Todd Krouner

Dominic Morgan

Gerry Dorrian

Amanda Campbell

David Snell