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Police Officer Lawrence Campbell

Canadian news program 16 x 9 ran the following expose on Lasik. Among those interviewed was Jason Campbell, a 19 years old who lost his father, Police Officer Lawrence Campbell, to suicide following Lasik. The interview with Jason starts about 6:46 minutes into the video. Next is a video taken from the 2008 Food and Drug Administration hearing on Lasik, Depression, and Suicide. Attorney Todd Krouner presents for Amanda Campbell, Officer Campbell's widow. Here is the Powerpoint of attorney Todd Krouner's presentation, which contains Officer Campbell's suicide note. In the note, Mr. Campbell clearly writes, "Do NOT have Lasik eye surgery! Tell the Media!"

Later in this suicide note, Officer Campbell says: "The pain, distorted vision, chronic dry not bearable!!!

16 x 9 Expose on Lasik, Interview with Jason Campbell

Amanda Campbell